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Вальсирующие псы

Нео-неоромантик группа.

Очень хорошая группа. Типа, готический синтипоп.
Для поклонников группы Xymox.

Дополнительным бонусом идет красивое сценическое шоу,
с участием голой готической бабы с бритым лобком.
Вопреки стереотипам - не толстая ни разу.
Красавица! Уважаю.

Миша Вербицкий

"Waltzing Dogs" (ex-Touch & Go!):
sufferings on ice synthesizers or what about clowns grieve

The group was created in 1994 by Stanislav Sozonov - ex-drummer and synthesizers man Izhevsk alternative guitar group Velvet Dolls after its break-up (А. Merzlyakov later became the participant of Booroondook Quartet, and Yakov Krivickiy works solo). Velvet Dolls played minimal noise-punk, representing conceptual ideas alloy of Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Now WD is already persisting veterans so-called "Izhevsk wave" single survivor from that pleiades talent from begining of 1990 ("Stuk bambuka v 11 chasov", "Samcy Dronta", "Krasivaya Prishla", "Rhodesia", Lancer, "New spanish rabbit"), due to which Izhevsk has got the status of the electronic capital. Practically all of these groups are not excist now, some of them leave to Moscow, or ("in the best" event) playing something modern and become uninteresting, flow together with the general crowd of the performers techno, lounge, easy-listening and club electronics. And only WD have survived though for this they have had to remain in underground, where (fortunately or regrettably?) they stay and presently, presenting by itself "pop in oppositions" or "alternative to alternative".

The forerunner of the appearance of WD became the project Nekaya Bulkayushaya Sreda (NBS), where Jack, armed with two ancient electronic organes, reverberator and reel recorder for one evening has created psychedelic mini-album in spirit of early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. After it was group Middengard (two guitars, pianoforte and organ), also playing (in acoustics) psychedelic, progressive and dark-folk (later one of the guitarist will take part in the first composition of Touch & Go! (before 2000 group perform and was written under such name)). At the same time Jack as session-musician accompanied the different traditional rock-group.

At first group was completely "alive" (two-set drum-machine, bass, guitar, two synthesizers, vocal, effects), but now on live show is used only vocal and synthesizer, accompanying one party under phonogram. The typical particularity of the WD show become bright, occasionly scaring, show ( the obligatory make-up, extravagant garbs and hairstyles, denuded girls, body-art, pyrotechnic effects, flying on scene guitaristes, manipulates with skull and torn away parts of the human body, ritual dance, sado-masochistic and fetish games, work with exotic animal and insect (the madagascar cockroaches, white boa constrictor), breacking different subjects, blood-and-guts piercing, etc.), forcing recall the time of Kiss, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Devo, Skinny Puppy, Elice Cupper. And evident influence of european school of absurdity theatre. The decadent motives dominates in text, music - synth-pop, EBM, gothic, early electronic, icy electronic, new wave, post-punk, ambient etc. The group loves to perform and write covers (Visage, Kraftwerk, Sparks, Iggi Pop, DAF etc.). The list of the styles influenced upon leader of WD enormous. Practically all what he loves and listening is anyway reflected in his music - from baroque and academic classicists XX age through psychedelia 1960-th, art- and glam-rock 1970-th and also new wave and darkwave 1980-th. Love to 1980-s ( as, however and to 1970-s) group has carry carefully through "terrible" 1990-s in 21 century, never adjusting under current situation and having saved authentic spirit of that time unlike modern projectes for which last decennial event - only next club mode. WD has permanent changing staff, constant remains only its leader hiding under different names (last - Jack Valisiruyuschiy Dog) and continuing create outside of time and music mode under new name "Waltzing Dogs". In its city they have gained the reputation an original and eccentric. However the group goes always on body ahead of mildly overtaking time. So WD forestall popularity such styles, as easy-listening, electroclash, gothic etc.
Local establishment not hurry to work with WD, preferring publish uninteresting, but fashionable boys, playing petty-bourgeois club dance-nonsence. And even so several things was released on Izhevsk lable Kama Records collection. Also, the group has got support of the gothic portal shadowplay.ru, that reviewed two their albums, having promised to include them in the second part their branded compiling.




Psychological counselling for Russians: artkonsultant


Интервью с группой Вальсирующие Псы // УМНОЖЕНИЕ. Январь 2011. Vol. ?